Amazon Honeycode, web and mobile app creation without code writing

On June 24th, Amazon released a Beta version of Amazon Honeycode, an AWS service that promises to give business users the power to create web and mobile applications without writing code.

The platform’s concept has its foundation in presenting the end-users with an editor for their data in the form of spreadsheets, which we can tell in advance, sounds like a helpful approach to make the data management more familiar to the business users.

With a set of predefined app templates and drag-and-drop support, the beta version let us build a starter application in minutes. 

Another appealing feature was the Automation category, where you can define action triggering for different events.

The platform and its evolution will be worth watching. We would like to see how the plans for a plugin/component ecosystem (maybe powered by the community?) and integration with other services or platforms will come to life. 

In the meantime, here is a set of resources to get you started:

Amazon’s video explaining what is honeycode.

The link so you can create your account and get started building apps:

And the community page with different topics explaining the functionality.

Let us know your opinion of the new platform in the comments and enjoy the early days of this new app building experience!


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