With AWS SAM – Give Structure to your Serverless backend

What is AWS SAM? The AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) is an open-source framework for building serverless applications. With this framework, your technical team can model, materialize and test a whole backend application with a Serverless approach, providing order and control to the project, a replicable structure, and enabling its faster execution. How does AWS…

What the heck is Serverless Computing?

Serverless is cloud computing for: Software and services to run without you and your company investing time and resources provisioning, scaling or managing servers.  How does it work? Serverless operates in reality on a concept where, technically speaking, your code and services will run on servers. Who manages the serversis the key here. Traditional setup…

Your own SAP system to practice (IDES and more!)

While networking or speaking to colleagues, I usually get asked the SAP system I normally use to study, practice for certifications or test new ideas or internal demos. Some time back, the standard answer for that was an SAP IDES system. Nowadays, there is an alternative provided by SAP itself. This alternative is SAP Cloud Appliance…

Watch option for SAM Build command.

samwatch is a tool based in nodemon that helps you monitor and transport your changes from your source tree structure to the .sam-build tree structure while developing with AWS SAM.

Fiori {Master-Detail: CRUD}

SAP Cloud Platform makes it easy for you to create a CRUD Master-Detail application from Web-IDE template by following a few steps.