Watch option for SAM Build command.

As we moved forward in the AWS Lambda space development, we found ourselves somewhat surprised that SAM did not have an option for an incremental build, that is, we had to run “sam build” every time we made the slightest change in our source code.

That initially did not seem like an issue because it would be relatively quick to run a sam build for 2 or 3 lambda functions. Still, as your project starts growing, a real problem for development speed might be already waiting for you around the corner, yikes!

So, trying to make the process more straightforward for the development community and ourselves, we worked in a small npm package that would help. A short note before sharing is, we are working with NodeJS.

Although we are still making a round of testing, we wanted to share it with the hope it will help you and your team circumvent this particular issue.

In case you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact us.

Thanks, and happy lambda programming!


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